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A Sense of Purpose is Product Management


Product leaders and their cross-functional partner teams share a common promise and sense of purpose: to define, discover, and bring to market a product experience that offers genuine customer value. 

To achieve this, we must help our multidisciplinary teams understand the value of our products, solutions, or services. We do this by telling the story of our customers—exploring their end-to-end journey, understanding the tasks they want to accomplish, why they are trying to accomplish these tasks, their motivations, cultural influences we need to consider, and the additional tools they use to get their jobs done.

Understanding our customer’s end-to-end journey is crucial to building products, solutions, and services that will be valuable to them. Our UX research partner is essential in helping us capture this information. They recognize that human beings and their decision-making processes are complex and that we persuade people primarily through their unconscious biases and reactions. Regardless of our power users' high-level positions in their organizations, they are ultimately human beings. Our purpose is to understand the story of our customers so that we can determine what solutions they need. 

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