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Top Blog Articles of 2022

Updated: Jan 14

It's hard to believe, but we've just about reached the end of another year. But, before we move on to 2023, we've decided to reminisce and look back at this year's top four articles that our readers found the most exciting and valuable throughout 2022. To determine which content and topics impacted readers this year, we've compiled a list of our top blogs by page views.

Below are the posts that inspired our current and future product managers this year.

#4 - The Lessons of Innovative Leadership

"The world's population is anticipated to continue to expand. The demographics are changing, and their needs will affect, transform, and impact the growth rate of economies worldwide. To fulfill the needs of these ever-changing demographics, we need innovation, advancement, and in some cases, modernization."

#3 - The Lessons of Empathetic Leadership

"Empathy is a revered skill because it enables us to establish and cultivate credence with our cross-disciplinary teams. Furthermore, it provides us with discernment into other people's emotions or thoughts, and it allows us to fathom people's responses to a set of circumstances, thereby refining our leadership attributes."

#2 - The Lessons of Diversity and Inclusion

"A diverse product management team powers imagination, ingenuity, and creativity. It provides organizations with a competitive edge. In addition, when cross-disciplinary teams include individuals from unique ethnicities with different interpretations and experiences, we strengthen our propensity to comprehend the requirements of our current customers, leads, or prospects."

#1 - Reflections on my Product Management Journey

"My objective is to tell my story in all its messy brilliance. From the beginning of my career to where I am today, I want to highlight the challenges I have faced in my profession, the lessons I have learned, and the importance of not running away from these obstacles; but instead running toward opportunities. I hope to get the young women who attend my talks or read my blogs to think about their stories and the magic of moments that pick us. But, also, we select the moments sometimes - just as I have with this blog."

It's been a great year, and we couldn't have done without you. Thank you to all the product leaders and supporters that have helped us along the way. We can't wait to continue in 2023.

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