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Top Podcast Episodes of 2022

Updated: Jan 14

The world of product management is constantly changing, with new theories, leadership styles, and concepts emerging almost every day. To keep up with the industry, our podcast, Product Magic, discusses these ideas in depth with real-life product leaders, product managers, and cross-functional product team members.

Now that 2022 is coming to an end, we've compiled an index of our listener's favorite Product Magic episodes, listing the top four that inspired our followers this year.

#4 - Diego Granados: The Road to Product Management

As there's no set direction or road to becoming a product manager, we come from all different walks of life. Various degrees, experiences, and backgrounds. Regardless of these differences, our underlying passion for creating world-class products that serve our customers ties us together. In this Product Magic episode, we will focus on how aspiring product managers can take their first steps to begin a career as a product leader with Diego Granados, a Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.

#3 - Karina Fochtman: Collaboration with Customer Facing-Teams

Product leaders need help building excellent products. Sure, they can think of a concept derived from customers' needs, but they need a team of engineers, designers, etc., to execute it to its full potential. This is why effective collaboration with those customer-facing teams is essential in product-building. This episode features Karina Fochtman, former VP and Global Head of Customer Success at Allvue Systems, and covers the misconceptions surrounding relationship managers and the importance of these teams when creating product.

#2 - Felix Watson: The Ins and Outs of Becoming a Product Manager

Entering the field of product management can be daunting for some because of the lack of clear requirements or degrees to qualify. Since it's so unconventional, podcasts like this are established to help guide the next generation of product managers on entering the field. This Product Magic episode features Felix Watson Jr., an influential Product Manager at Google and Founder of The PM Mastermind, which helps product managers connect and grow within their careers.

#1 - Kurtis Derry: Effectively collaborating with Designers in Product

In this Product Magic episode, we will discuss the importance of collaboration with designers when creating successful products. For this episode, we have Kurtis Derry, User Experience Designer at PayPal, discussing how Product Managers can learn to effectively collaborate with designers by speaking their language, why it's essential to work with designers from the beginning of the project, and more!

Thanks so much for listening to Product Magic this year! We're glad that it could provide valuable knowledge and insight into the world of product management. See you in 2023!

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