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I’ve been in the world of Product Management for years now, and I’ve never looked back. 


Curating products that help bring a company’s vision to life is what I love to do. Throughout the years, I have led successful teams that develop outstanding, customer-centric products and continue to do so as Director of Product for a major payments technology company.


My MBA education allowed me to develop the business skills necessary for Product Management, like problem-solving and storytelling, but most of my success has come from crafting my soft skills.


When I talk about soft skills, I mean the interpersonal abilities they don’t teach you in schools, such as leading without authority, building coalitions, and expressing gratitude.

Soft skills are essential for Product Managers to motivate partners and teams to exceed expectations.


These skills have not only helped me become a recognized mentor but also effectively lead my teams to develop innovative product for enterprises looking to manage and scale their business. 


I am here today as a resource, ready to inspire the next generation of Product Managers. Partnering with Product School as a Featured Speaker, I share pivotal experiences and insights to mould new Product Managers entering the field into natural leaders capable of transforming an entire organization.


On this site, you’ll find valuable resources and articles to help you hone in on your soft skills while growing your product management and leadership abilities. These will get you thinking and help you to truly understand how to create a customer-focused product management culture, lead without authority, express gratitude and most of all - create product magic. 

"I thrive in finding insights beyond the sight of others."

We have received outstanding feedback from your message and the advice and tips you have shared with us have left an indelible mark on all attendees' career exploration journey. "

Salih Tamim - Localized World 

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