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Why Product Management

Product Management is much more than discovering a problem, proposing it to your company, and having your team create a solution. 


It’s the epicentre of all company innovation. It’s influencing and leading each team to work together to bring a vision to life. It’s what drives businesses forward, solidifies customer relationships, and creates products that have the capacity to change both the market and the lives of clients.


Product Management begins with the customers it seeks to serve. One of the reasons I love this role is because of the research that goes into it. Through focus groups, conducting interviews, and discovering customer pain points, Product Managers are able to tell a captivating story to motivate an entire organization to come together and take action.


In the role of Product Manager, you are in a prime position to transform how an organization thinks about customer problems, and apply this in a way that empowers teams to create innovative solutions. This requires collaboration with cross-functional departments, building coalitions with those involved, and challenging the ideas presented. 


Creating clarity from ambiguity is a highly rewarding and exciting experience that Product Managers get to craft each day. 


So really, why Product Management? 


As a Product Manager, you have a unique opportunity to bring value and elicit excitement from coworkers, teams, and customers alike. Your product vision has a direct effect on improving the lives of others and has the chance to change the industry as a whole - creating lifelong advocates for the company and your work.

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