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Purposeful Leadership in Product Management

Updated: 7 days ago

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In March, we celebrate women's accomplishments, reflecting on their monumental role in product management. We owe our progress to those women who trailblazed our path and laid our foundations, mentoring us to be exceptional and formidable. From their experiences, we meet our moments with integrity and grace. They are a testament to breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling. 

We stand here today as a beam of excellence because of the inspiration that our mentors, allies, and sponsors have invested in us and cheered us on. Their unwavering support was able to guide us, help us aim high, and face defining moments.  

Our success story is our development; it was about preparing to lead purposefully. Having reached our goals, we now embrace the responsibility of paving the way for the next generation of women leaders. Our sacred duty is to ensure they can redefine the future and smash through remaining barriers.

We commit to passing on the invaluable gifts bestowed upon us. This means actively listening to and supporting young women both within and beyond our organization. We pledge to be there when “life happens” and they are faced with the eruption of possibilities. We will inspire them to be their best self, teach them the art of negotiation and the importance of not staying silent, and use their leadership voice to elicit change. When they stumble, we'll show them how to rise swiftly, encouraging them to persevere through exhaustion and never surrender. Above all, we will create opportunities for them, fostering a cycle of empowerment that will pave the way for future generations.

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