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Reflections on Powerful Traits of Women Who Inspire Me

Updated: May 3

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As we women continue to use our voices and encourage the next generation to do the same, we find ourselves eliciting and provoking dialogue about our experiences. This impassioned discourse leads to the creation of opportunities previously unavailable to us.

For this year's Women's History Month, it is apt to share stories of the women who motivate, embolden, and propel me daily. These women, whom I deeply admire, have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. They inspire and challenge me to be a better version of myself, nourishing and molding me into my best self with much to offer. Since finding my voice, I've clung to it, using it to create opportunities for the next generation of women. They possess the power to shape the future and shatter the fragile glass ceiling. 

I recognize that these women, like all of us, grapple with disappointments, challenges, and hardships. What sets them apart is their unwavering determination to persevere and their purposeful approach to confronting obstacles. These women, like me, have goals and aspirations they strive for. What truly stands out is how they carry themselves, how quickly they rise after falling, and how they present themselves to the world.

With that being said, here are the characteristics and attributes of the women who inspire me daily:  

Inspiration One: Grace, Tenderness, Love, and Care

My grandmother was grace incarnate. She embodied tenderness, gentleness, compassion, and efficacy. Raised as an orphan by her grandmother, she lacked the opportunities I have been afforded. Yet, she raised a family and inspired us to be our best. Her immense love and guidance were pivotal in my life, especially after her passing. This led to a shift in my life, setting goals beyond a college degree and shaping my career path. 

My grandmother, my rock and foundation, influences how I see the world and is the reason I exist. Her immense courage inspires me to share my story in all its messy brilliance, aiming to pave the way for the next generation of women leaders and make their path to success more attainable.

Inspiration Two: The Epitome of Intellectual Brilliance

My second motivator embodies grace, empathy, and gratitude. I have observed a woman who is the epitome of intellectual brilliance, beauty, graciousness, perseverance, and genuine regality. Her exemplification of American exceptionalism, black excellence, and achievement inspired me to emulate these qualities.

From her, I learned how to be fearless and use my voice to elicit change and pave the way for other women. She is an inspiration for why I share my stories and want to put a small ding in the universe. 

Inspiration Three:  Consensus-Building Leadership

This motivator has profoundly influenced my leadership style. She is adept at leadership, emphasizing consensus building and the importance of team unity before embarking on projects. She taught me the art of coalition building and the significance of building and nurturing relationships within multi-disciplinary teams. This approach fosters trust and unity, essential for realizing an organization's mission and vision. I learned that effective leadership is rooted in connections and relationships, which can be leveraged to achieve significant milestones.

Inspiration Four: Unshakeable Strength and Optimism

Thinking of this motivator always brings a smile to my face. A best friend since college, I sometimes wonder where she gets her strength from.  She's utterly unshakeable; no challenge or adversity has the power to break her spirit. Over the past few years, I've had a front-row seat to her life, witnessing her manage difficulties and hardships that would have caused other people to give up, and she never does. She's the kind of person who extends a helping hand even in the face of mistreatment. Her default choice is always optimism over cynicism.

Fear has no dominion over her, and anxiety doesn't dictate her life; there's simply no room for them. My lessons from her are that change is good, and being uncomfortable means we are growing and learning. The most important life lesson she taught me without even knowing it is that the eruptions of possibilities in one's life are brilliant.  

Inspiration Five: Transcendent Leadership and Personal Growth

This leader and mentor ignited my enthusiasm; she is a role model I aspire to emulate. She is thoughtful and widely celebrated, respected, admired, and trusted by her direct reports, colleagues, leaders, and organization. When I am in her presence, I always notice other people constantly walking up to her to say hello and chat with her. She is the type of leader that people want to work with and hear her thoughts on different matters. Sometimes, they just want to have coffee with her. 

The lessons I have learned from her are invaluable. One of the most important is that to be a productive, transcendent leader, I need to be self-actualized, do the required work in self-development, and understand my constraints and temperament. Assess my SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis without any predisposition.

Inspiration Six: Intellectual Humility and Self-Truth

This sixth woman constantly amazes me. She is intellectually humble while owning wherever she is in her life‘s journey.  She is loyal, devoted, dedicated, reliable, steady, and true to herself. She doesn’t get bogged down by any idea of what women should do or say and when they should do it. She has always decided what she wanted and when. I am always amazed by how she stands in her truth, never wavering. 

This woman encourages me every time I talk to her, and I always come away changed. The most significant insight I have gained from knowing her is that I should always ask for what I want and never cower; when one door closes, another will open. 

Final Thoughts on Women Who Inspire Me

The women who galvanize, hearten, and inspire me to hold a permanent place in my heart. They are steadfast fixtures in my story, and I am profoundly grateful for their influence. They have empowered me to find and use my voice unencumbered by others' standards or guidelines.

Their actions and perspectives consistently motivate me to strive to be a better version of myself, even in times of struggle and uncertainty. As a result, I have emerged as my best self, fully aware of the unique value I offer. This value extends to creating opportunities for the next generation, who will be the architects of the future.

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