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Top Speaking Engagements of 2022

Updated: Jan 14

With the first full year of RonkePM coming to a close, I've been so thankful to speak at so many excellent webinars, summits, podcasts, and events in 2022. I love having the opportunity to talk to new and experienced product leaders and share my experiences and everything I've learned as a product manager.

Please take a look at some of my most popular speaking engagements of 2022!

#4 - Innovative Leadership is Product Management (Product School)

I was pleased to speak on a Product School Webinar about innovative leadership and its benefits for product managers leading cross-functional teams.

Innovative leadership means having a vision that helps move our teams towards a shared objective of improving our customers' lives. We can be innovative by communicating our strategic vision, being customer-obsessed, motivating our cross-functional teams, understanding transparency equals trust, and leading with fearless loyalty.

#3 - Cultivating Relationships is Product Management (Feedback Loop)

In May, I joined Roddy Knowles on The Feedback Loop podcast by DISQO to discuss the importance of being people-centered and cultivating relationships in product management.

Regardless of the skills required to become a product leader, including the ability to multi-task, organization, etc., a great product leader has a grasp of soft skills and understands how to use them in a team setting. Especially when managing large cross-functional teams, people want to know that you care about them and that they're valid, heard, and seen. Building the people around you is just as important as building the product.

#2 - Diversity in Product Teams (Products That Count - Product Talk Podcast)

I joined the Product Talk podcast by Products That Count to speak about diversity and inclusion within product teams with host Patrick Blute.

Diversity is essential in every aspect of building a product, from the scrum team to the design, engineering, and product management team. When you're making products for customers all over the globe, they're going to have ever-changing needs. How can you build effective products for them if you don't have people on your team that understand them?

#1 - The Letter Every Young, Black, Corporate Professional Should Read - and Write (The Reset by The Grio)

I joined The Reset with Coach Tish to discuss reclaiming your power in the workplace.

My start in corporate America was definitely a learning process. It had its upsides, but it also had some serious learning experiences, even times when I wanted to give it up. Now that I've been through it all and learned important lessons through those bad days, it's comforting to write to my younger product manager self and reassure her that she survives, hoping that the same reassurance can be felt by young product managers going through similar experiences.

Thank you to everyone who hosted me and listened to my talks. I couldn't have done it without you. I can't wait to participate in more speaking events in 2023!

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