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The Power of Your Network

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As you navigate your life, it's crucial to cultivate a network of people who will inspire, influence, and uplift you. These relationships can be transformative, helping you confidently seize your defining moments. Once you've gained insight and experience, sharing that knowledge with the broader community can similarly impact someone else's path and trajectory.

Observing successful colleagues, friends, and family, we recognize a common truth: no one is self-made. Success hinges on support from a well-cultivated network that assists members in professional and personal growth.  They have a network of individuals who have helped them to navigate and achieve their professional and personal ambitions. Members advocate for each other and, in turn, support others outside their immediate circle when opportunities or challenges arise.

For instance, having a broad network can be invaluable when a position needs to be filled or layoffs are imminent. These connections enable individuals to find excellent candidates, secure referrals, or contact decision-makers, enhancing both professional prospects and personal resilience.

An individual’s network is an indispensable part of their professional and personal toolbox. These relationships aren’t always only about finding new jobs or promotions but about sharing expertise and learning from others, about lending a hand to others as they meet their own defining moments. 

What is networking? 

Networking is a proactive exchange of ideas, information, and resources among people connected by their professions, industries, or acquaintances. It is more critical than ever, particularly in uncertain times, where the right referral can open new doors or elevate your career within your current organization. 

What is the importance of cultivating a network?

Networking has never been more essential, especially in these uncertain times. Success often hinges on who can refer you for an opportunity. Your network can help you secure a new job outside your organization, apply for a new role, or advance in your current company through strong endorsements. It can also introduce you to valuable contacts who can advocate for you as an outstanding candidate. Indeed, the impact of a strong network is profound.  

My own experience with my network

I am profoundly humbled to have a robust network on whose shoulders I stand daily. I am immensely grateful to them for responding to my phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages. Here are some personal experiences that highlight the value of my network:

Social Well-Being

The importance of nurturing a network cannot be overstated. We cannot succeed alone; we need support from others. My network has been instrumental during tough times, providing unwavering support, guidance, knowledge, and friendship. When I faced a layoff recently, they were there to check on me, introduce me to new people, share job postings, and refer me for opportunities within their organizations, significantly advancing my career.

Paying it Forward

With the tech industry facing many furloughs and downsizings recently, my network has continued to support me by sharing ideas and new opportunities. I reciprocate by checking on friends and colleagues affected by these changes, sharing resources, meeting for coffee, checking on their well-being, and introducing them to my network for further opportunities.


The great thing about having a network is that I have a community to reach out to; they help me be more visible. I love sharing my perspectives, concepts, and ideas and capturing their feedback and suggestions. Implementing and executing their ideas and contributions has made me more visible in the product management community. Putting myself out there has helped me gain credence and footing as a thought leader.

Meeting People

Throughout my career in product management, I have had mentors, allies, and sponsors. Some of these individuals I met through my network introduced me to experienced leaders in and outside my organization. Sharing my professional and personal ambitions with them has elicited career advice and wisdom that has helped me get to where I am today. 

I have always made it a point to expand my network to encompass diverse, disparate professionals because it means I will have divulgence to more opportunities. These connections and relationships have helped me to receive job referrals for new roles.  As I reflect, I can always tell the story of how one individual led me to another person, and that introduction led me to an opportunity, a new job, or career advancement. 

Exchange of Ideas

I love trading and swapping concepts with members of my network because they are so diverse. I can always count on getting a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, which inspires and motivates me. In addition, new viewpoints make me more inclined to experiment and try new things, which helps me grow professionally in my current or future role. 

Final Thoughts

As I navigate my life, I am filled with immense gratitude for the network I have built—remarkable, intelligent, and fearless individuals who have significantly influenced my life and career. Thanks to my network, I have faced my defining moments with grace and resilience. I am paying it forward by ensuring I am there for my friends and colleagues who are managing their layoffs as well. I am contributing to the broader community in the hopes that I can help at least one person in the world. After all, having a supportive network means you never have to face challenges alone.



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